Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oct 19 - Arrival in Cayes

Thank you for your prayers....we have arrived safely in LesCayes probably on the smoothest trip we've ever had...we even sailed through customs despite their opening every one of our suitcases, looking at the medicine, searching Mark's surgical bag and then just zipping things back up and telling us to go on. It was AMAZING!

The flights down were smooth, easy on/easy off. We were met in PAP by a pastor we didn't know, Pastor Nader, but someone that everyone else knew. One of the porters came up to me, with one of my luggage tags that he took off my luggage and said "This is you, right" . (Gail et al, the same tall skinny guy that always meets us). He guided me over to the carousel and lo and behold he had rounded up all of our luggage already and we had just finished going through passport control. We were out of the airport in under 20 minutes. All of our luggage (except Paul's carryon) made it to LesCayes; we expect Paul's tomorrow morning.

AND>>>> we now own a Haitian cell phone and IT WORKS!!! We're unpacking meds now for a 7 am clinic tomorrow. The guest house is full...we're in Lynn and Marie's former rooms. More later...I gotta go help them pack. Thank you for your prayers. I know that's what got us through everything so fast and easy.

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