Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oct 24 Bible studies begin

Thanks for the prayers; Mark is in Miami right now so he made it through PAP

Paul and I had an awesome bible study tonight at 4:00 for 2 hours. We had
26 Haitian students who asked very good questions; we're continuing tomorrow
night at 5:00. We're using the Visual Bible series on Matthew and we
brought 25 New Testaments down to Haiti with us...all of them are gone. So
far, we're only up to Chapter 5!

Kelly, Paul, and I found out how to buy Cokes in Haiti. One cannot buy
Cokes without having bottles; there's no such thing as deposit. If you want a "Coke" you must also have a "Coke" bottle, a "Sprite" bottle can only be turned in for "Sprite"; that seems to be the system throughout Cayes. The bottling company owns the bottles and you cannot buy Coke without having bottles to trade in first. Today we found out where to buy bottles! Everything has value of one sort or another in Haiti.

Next we found out where to buy ice...down within one of the Cayes
neighborhoods. It was an exciting day; we gave Cokes and popcorn to the
bible study class.

Paul and I had a great meeting with Grenn Moutad (the Haitian medical team);
we're planning to use Mustard Seed Missions to begin prenatal clinics at
some of the sites they took us for clinics. Marcia and Rivenson are quite
excited about it.

I may go out with Kelly to do some rabies clinics (dogs and cats) in Cayes;
it sounds interesting. Did you know that Haitians are petrified of cats???
Tomorrow morning I have appointments with some of the professors to help
them with their curriculum.

Good night from Haiti.

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