Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25, 2006 from LesCayes, Haiti

October 25, 2006

Paul and I have just organized a non-profit corporation called Mustard Seed Missions, Inc. The purpose of the corporation is to serve God's purpose as He calls us to do His work. The corporation was "official" in Massachusetts on September 10th; we're now waiting for the IRS to process our 501(c)(3) application to become tax-exempt.

In the meantime, it seemed like it would be a good idea to set up a blog for those people who would like to follow what we do on our mission trips.

Today we're nearing the end of our trip to LesCayes, Haiti. We only have two more days left.

We left Northampton on October 19th with Dr. Mark Bigda to come to Cayes to do three medical clinics at the beginning of the week. Mark left for home very early yesterday morning. Paul began teaching his Marine Ecology class yesterday and I sat in the back and listened (and kibbitzed just a little).

His short course has now morphed into a one credit course because the instructor for the 3 credit Ecology course has quit. The academic dean wanted to take advantage of what Paul was teaching, so she asked him to turn it into a short course with a project, etc. He has about 20 students in his course (there were more yesterday, but I think some dropped out when there was a change in the course).

I'll post more of our activities and relabel the days so that you can get a feel for how our whole trip has been.


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