Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Moving on

It's been three weeks since the onset of Dengue for Paul, Mark and Kelly and it seems like they've all returned to normal now. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and for God's provision of health for each of them.

Paul has to go back in a week for another blood test - the convalescent screen, which should show pretty definitively whether he had dengue or not. I guess the antibodies are so busy during the acute phase that sometimes it's hard to pick up, but once you're over it they're more prevalent and show up better in a blood test, although "better" might not be the best choice of terms in this instance.

Last Sunday (11/19) we had Missions Conference at College Church. This was Mustard Seeds first opportunity to share our mission with others. We had a small display where we showed pictures of Mustard Seed Haiti including some of the medical clinics we did. We talked a lot about the group of 5 Haitians (now to be known as Mustard Seed Haiti instead of Grenn Moutad) who are so enthusiastic about helping their own people.

Today we received our first donation to Mustard Seed and immediately I knew it would go toward purchasing prenatal vitamins for the prenatal clinics. We're excited to see that Kelly (the vet) is going along with them to do the clinics. I feel so much that God has worked out a good plan for these people and that we (Mustard Seed here in America) are a part of having it happen through encouragement and partnership with them.

I'm already anxious to return to Cayes.

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