Thursday, December 21, 2006

A logo and tag line

The students in the Commercial and Advertising Art program at the Career and Technical Education Center where Jan works have begun working on a logo for Mustard Seed Missions. On Tuesday they delivered the first drafts of some amazingly creative designs. Jan had goosebumps. Since then, she's shown them to fellow office workers and friends from church. Making a decision will be difficult. After Christmas Jan will visit the class again to sit with the students and talk about changes and modifications. This is the hard part; she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. The teacher has assured her that this is part of the student's learning process.

One of the students included a tagline "Faith can move mountains." We liked it! We'll probably go with it or some version of it.

The logo project will extend further since the instructor in the Allied Health program saw several of the photos from our medical clinics in Haiti. As a result, Jan will be doing a power point presentation about our Haiti mission work to both groups of students in the Allied Health program the week after Christmas!

What a great opportunity to share this will the students.

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