Thursday, December 14, 2006

Taxes and babies

On Monday we received our official tax exempt letter from the IRS. That means we can now officially fund-raise as a tax exempt organization. This will be a real blessing.

Mustard Seed Haiti (the 5 young Haitians) continue to minister faithfully with prenatal clinics. They have visited St. Elen again and Camp Perrin. It feels like they're beginning to get recognized by the community. They recently wrote about a woman in their church who has just taken in a 12 day old baby boy whose mother died in childbirth. Tonight I got an urgent email from Amoce about a 4 month old baby who has hydrocephalus. They gave the mother some money to visit the local clinic, but unfortunately (and not unexpectedly) the clinic in Cayes could not do anything and referred her to Port Au Prince. This is just one more example of the extreme need of the people in Haiti. There is so much of this and so few resources to go around. In all likelihood, the mother will not make it to Port Au Prince, and even if she did, it's unlikely that there are medical facilities that have the ability to do that kind of surgery or that the mother would have the funds to afford it and the necessary follow-up.

We will pray for both mothers, one who took in an orphaned child, and the other mother who's child faces a limited future.

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