Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hydrocephalic baby

There have been some goings-on in the background (in Haiti) with regard to the hydrocephalic baby, whose name we still don't know. Another missionary, Nora Leon, has written about her visit to the family's home in her blog:

It looks like Nora may be able to make a medical connection in the states for the baby.

Alternatively, Kelly was in PAP for the past week and found out that there is a team of doctors (I'm assuming they're American, but don't know for sure) that come to PAP twice a year to do shunt surgeries. Kelly is looking into that information. The first thing required is a $150 MRI, and then one of the parents is required to stay there for 4-6 weeks during recover, for training and follow-up.

Nora posted a couple of photos on her blog that show the sad condition of the family home. Mustard Seed Haiti has talked to the father and found out that he is allowed to build on that land, which I guess means he has rights to it. Mustard Seed is looking into helping them replace their thatch hut with something better, even if it's with a metal corrugated roof.

In the meantime, we're sending down more vitamins for the Prenatal Clinics. God has blessed us to have a good team there in Haiti (Mustard Seed Haiti) and He has already used the prenatal clinics to draw the above-mentioned family to our attention.

Paul will bring down some baby things (lotion, powder, ointment, vitamins, blankets) for the prenatal clinics when the Haiti team leaves on Thursday for their trip to Mission Evangelique. A friend of Kelly's will pick up the items in PAP.

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