Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Preparations for June '07 trip

We're beginning to gear up for our trip in June. Mark is gathering meds; our application to MAP International was approved so we'll be putting together a custom order through them. I'm hoping to spend some separate time with the women who have been coming to the prenatal clinics run by Mustard Seed Haiti. In preparation for that we're organizing Mother's Day tote bags at church. The whole idea is to gather tote bags to be given to the pregnant women in Haiti, so we've set up a table where women (and men) in the church can make a donation and put choose items for a tote bag for a Haitian mother-to-be. We've made Mother's Day cards that are available for each donation so that someone can give a card to their mother. The card is funny because it has a wild picture of Mark in all of his tatooed glory with a smiling pregnant Haitian woman. The picture is very special, though, because the look that is passing between them is very special as she expresses her happiness (to know that she's healthy).

We want to do a similar activity at church prior to Father's Day. For the most part, fatherhood in Haiti is not taken very seriously; I'm hoping to use this as an opportunity to have some people pray for the Haitian men to be better fathers.

Each night I'm working a little bit on the website; it still needs lots of work. Not all of the links are working; seems to work in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer.

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