Saturday, June 16, 2007

Haitian group

This is a photo of the five wonderful Haitians that we work with when we go to Haiti. They have stepped in to provide health education and prenatal clinics at some of the local villages. Prycille, on the left, is very quiet and a behind-the-scenes person, Witchner is one of our translators and an on-fire worship leader, Amoce is our main translator and the primary organizer of the group. Amoce is taking accounting classes through a scholarship from Mustard Seed. Both Amoce and Witchner arrange the clinic sites for us. Rivenson is a local pastor; he is standing next to Marcia, who is a nurse and has a real heart for young mothers and children. Rivenson and Marcia have three children of their own and they all ride around together on one motorcycle. They are a wonderful group to work with.

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