Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stuffed shirts

Last Sunday we held a fundraiser at church just prior to Father's Day. Our purpose was to encourage faithful fatherhood in Haiti. We made "stuffed shirts" that members of our congregation could donate in honor their father. We'll be bringing 20 "stuffed shirts" with us. The t-shirts were donated by a local company. Each stuffed shirt contained cloth diapers, diaper pins, rubber pants, a onesie outfit, a sippy cup, a baby bottle, a baby blanket, a Disney picture book, and a frisbee. We tried to include items that a father would use with his child. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to gather a few new fathers together so that Rivenson can speak to them about faithful fatherhood.

We did a similar event for Mother's Day and will be bringing 35 tote bags for mothers at the prenatal clinics. Four women from church donated their time to sew the tote bags. Each tote bag has a picture of the woman who donated it. We'll take pictures of the women who receive them.

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