Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Dean

It's Sunday evening and Hurricane Dean is just beginning a direct hit on Jamaica, which means it is past Haiti. I was able to phone Marie in LesCayes and was so surprised that I was actually able to get through. She told me that the Cayes area got a lot of wind, but not a lot of rain and the rain that did come down came in like a fine mist. The worst of it is over now. They don't have any electricity - EDH turned off the power yesterday. The university was opened as a disaster center, but no one needed to use it. This is all good news indeed!

She told me that Amoce was unable to take the people to see the doctor today (not surprising), but that he plans to do so tomorrow. Hopefully, the river will not be too high for him to travel. He uses an old motorbike that has seen a lot of wear and tear on the roads which in the villages are not much more than rocky paths. When we were there in June, the bike broke down three different times.

More update as soon as there is news about the visits to the doctors. Tonight's news is good. Thank you, Lord!

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