Thursday, August 16, 2007


It has been a while since I've added anything new, but now there is cause to keep you updated. During our medical clinics we saw a few people who needed surgery that was beyond our means either because it was too large for an 'outdoor' clinic and needed a more sterile environment or because it was just too tricky.

Mustard Seed Haiti have been working patiently and consistently to return to the villages and follow up with regular prenatal clinics and with the 4 or 5 patients who we knew needed more attention.

One woman, Isabel Auteus is a 60 year old woman who lives near St. Helene. She opened her blouse to show us a black spot on her left chest - it was obviously breast cancer. Mark was able to palpate it and identify the mass. She was very upset because she is the person responsible for caring for her nieces and nephews. Her sister is dead. She knew it was serious, but it was confirmed when she came to see us. Surgery is imperative for her. Her surgery will cost about $500.

Another man in Laprivye, Phane Jusna is a 69 year old man with a large lipoma on the inside of his left leg. A lipoma is a tumor composed of fatty tissue; it's typically benign. However, this lipoma is the size of a football (really!) and is on the inside of his thigh; it's very difficult for him to get his pants over it, and very difficult to walk. Dr. Mark has done surgeries on small lipomas but this one is so large that it requires a sterile environment and some good follow-up to make sure it doesn't get infected. His surgery will cost about $225.

Amoce has been keeping us informed. MSH have taken them each to the hospital to have what sounds like 'intake' information processed. They each have an appointment on Sunday, August 19, to see a visiting American surgical team at Cite Lumiere. However, they need to be able to pay for their surgeries at that time, too. It's a little confusing to me to get all of the details straight since their medical system, such as it is, doesn't quite work like ours.

Last night we (MSM) put out a request to our friends and families to seek donations for the medical treatment, and prayer for successful surgery. In the meantime, I assured Amoce by IM that "God will provide." As Matthew 17:20 says 'if you have enough faith you can move mountains.' God has provided and we are able to send the necessary funds down to them through the Fonkoze banking system.

We so much appreciate the donations. It's impossible to travel to Haiti and sit with someone and not be able to tell them "We'll help." We feel like an extension of our church, an extension of Jesus, an extension of a culture where we are so much more fortunate.

Now there is a new concern...Hurricane Dean is sitting out in the Caribbean and moving toward Haiti. It's about 3 days away so maybe it will just go away!

I'm posting pictures of Isabel (just the spot on her chest, and a picture of her walking away covered with sweat from being so upset). There was no way I could take a picture of her face; it would have violated how vulnerable she was feeling. The other photo is the photo of Phane's very large lipoma.

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