Sunday, September 30, 2007

New appointments for surgeries

Yesterday, Rivenson and Amoce took the motorbike up the mountain to Camp Perrin and to Sainte Helene to arrange for the villagers to come to Cite Lumiere today for appointments for their surgeries. Communication with the villages is difficult because the only electronic communication is cell phone and most people there cannot afford a cell phone. The only other way to reach them is to travel an hour up a rocky road to Camp Perrin; St. Helene is a little easier as most of the way there is fairly flat (and beautiful). We heard that they were able to connect with the woman with breast cancer, but we're unsure about the other people. They left messages at the village, but some of them didn't come.

To call these places "villages" is a loose term. Mostly they are mountainous areas with little huts spread out all over the mountain, not necessarily close to each other or in any kind of neighborhood. We often don't know how far some of them have travelled in order to come to the medical clinic and we have no way of finding them "at home".

Mustard Seed Haiti does a good job of trying to find them, so we will have to wait and see who actually arrives for their surgery appointments at Cite Lumiere.

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