Monday, September 10, 2007

Prenatal clinics planned

Marcia emailed me in kreyol; I was actually able to read it fairly well (and was surprised to find that I could.) She's planning prenatal clinics to Sentelen (St. Helene) and to Kanperen (Camp Perrin) this week. In a previous email a couple weeks ago she indicated that there had been three new births since we were there in June.

Amoce emailed and said they have received the laptop that was donated by the Burnetts. They will make good use of it.

I phoned Free Gospel Bible Institute and they will be sending Witchner's I-20 form to us, then we'll send it to him. Once he gets it he can make an appointment in Port Au Prince to hopefully get his visa to attend bible school here in Pennsylvania. We'll keep praying that it goes smoothly for him. His emails are sounding very excited.

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