Monday, October 15, 2007

Conference final notes and Ixbalanqe

It´s a hot humid day here in Honduras, tho not as hot as it might be in Haiti. Looks like it´s chilly at home, so I´m happy to be where it´s warm. As promised, here are some additional notes about the Conference.

The final day of the conference focussed on medical missions and we picked up a lot of good information.

We heard over and over again about the need for good vitamins for the malnourished children, and the effect of a good vitamin-deworming program on children´s education. We have about 7 internet sites to look at for getting vitamins; each of them may take some work (i.e., begging) but we´ll pursue each one. There was a lot of talk about micronutrient programs (folic acid, etc.) and we came upon a great set of prenatal education materials that a woman from Massachusetts is willing to share with us. Her materials are all in spanish, but we can get them translated into kreyol.

Yesterday (Sunday) we moved to the house where we are staying with a Honduran family; it is middle class by Honduran standards. There are bare florescent lights in each ceiling, and running water. No one in Honduras drinks the water; everyone uses bottled water. So we have a constant supply of good water no matter where we go. Our bed last night was comfortable; even though there are no screens on the windows and the doors are left wide open until everyone goes to bed, we weren´t bothered by mosquitoes because we had a fan running on us all night. The electricity here is pretty reliable, as is the running water.

We enjoyed a huge lunch of rice and chicken with a luscious sauce containing a seasonal herb called loroco. For dinner we had quesadillas from homemade tortillas that were really good. The food is much more than we can eat. We are needing to leave some on our plates. This morning´s breakfast was cereal, eggs, ham, pancakes, juice and coffee.

We started our language school this morning - four hours of practice. We have TONS of vocabulary to learn before tomorrow morning. We treated ourselves to a light lunch of salad and lemonade at a local cafe, checked in on the internet and will return to the school to study in one of the charming classrooms.

Everyone has been really friendly, but we´re under the gun now because most of the americans are gone and everyone at the school speaks spanish with us. It will be do or die.

Time to go and practice....

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