Thursday, October 11, 2007

Conference on Honduras, day 1

Paul and I arrived in Copan Ruinas last night about 6 pm - about a 12 hour trip. Honduras is beautiful but a bit warmer than it was in February. Copan's weather is still temperate and we enjoyed breakfast on a balcony overlooking the mountains and lush greenery. The Conference on Honduras began at 7 this morning. We've already gleaned helpful information including the possibility of a 750 GB digital library that might be useful at AUC and for Rose Ihedigbo in Nigeria also. People at the University of Iowa are developing it for use in developing countries who don't have high speed internet resources.

Today's conference was about education so we picked up some ideas and additional perspectives on others working in the field. Much of what we heard is very similar to the situation in Haiti, for example, finding qualified local teachers who have more than a 6th grade education.

Tonight Paul and I will sit down and compare notes and compile our reflections on what we've heard. We hope to include some of this corporate wisdom into Mustard Seed.

We'll try to write more tomorrow.

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