Friday, October 19, 2007

Final day at language school

Today we completed five days of spanish immersion, with 4 hours of spanish lessons each morning, then practicing together for about 3 hours each afternoon. Our minds are tired. We both feel like we acquired a basic vocabulary and understanding of verbs, but just very basic. We can go around the town and ask for things in spanish (no one speaks much english here), so we have gained that ability. The spanish verbs are very complex and we now recognize the conjugations, but that does not mean we can use them. We are still walking around with cheat sheets in our pockets. We make a good team as Paul has acquired some aspects of the language that I am not comfortable with, and vice versa. He has actually turned into a listmaker, and I tend to just go for it and attempt to make myself understood. That means that he is understanding the conjugation better than I.

Our host family has been great. They live very differently from us -- very much ensconced in community and family. There are always new and different people at the house. They would find our way of living very isolationist. It has given us an understanding of this kind of culture, and to me it is tiring, but they embrace it. Our host mom is always cooking and there is always too much food for us; we keep asking for less and less food at each meal.

Yesterday they took us in the back of a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck to Agua Terminales (hot springs). They cooked all day, after killing two chickens to have for dinner. We brought soup, chickens, beef, mashed potatoes, and frijoles to the park with us and had dinner there after dark. It was so beautiful. We were 1 hour way up in the mountains with just the hot springs, the park, and us. The moon was out and the sky was sparkling with stars. It was incredible. They thought nothing of going to all the trouble of cooking all day and then packing up, cooking again, etc. They have a very generous spirit.

Tomorrow we leave for San Pedro Sula where we will stay overnight so that we can get our plane on Sunday.

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