Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update from Marcia

We just got an email update from Marcia. The news in Haiti is not good; they have had constant rain for more than 2 weeks. This month is usually when we make our trip to Haiti. It is clear that if we were in Haiti now we would not be able to do medical clinics. Marcia is not able to get to even the closest village. Here in her own words:

Like you already know that, we're going every second Monday to St Eleine and second Thursday to Camp-perin. This month it is not possible because it's running everyday down here.
We still tryed to go last week, impossible too much water, we can't across the river so...gone back home.
Now we're waiting for next month and we hope it will not running.
Thank you for every thing.
We have reading your newsletter and were so happy to see our dream to be real.
Thank you for helping us.
We continue to pray for you and for every one who gives hands to help the Haitian people.
By the way we'd like to ask you to pray for Mustardseedhaiti and every members,
For our family specially for our needs.

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