Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good news and bad news

We received an email from Witchner tonight saying he had good news and bad news:

" Yesterday we had prenatal clinics at St-Helene there were around 25 ladies present at this meeting. There were six pregnancy ladies who gave birth; that means we have six new babies in the club.
The second news is that: Tomorow, very early in the morning Amoce and I will go to Port- au- Prince with the parents of Reginald St-Fort and Angelie Just to pick up Reginald St-fort and Angelie because they will be back tomorrow afternoon. They had the surgery and they are ready now to get back to Haiti. The parents go with us in order to be trained how to take care of their baby when they will be at home with them. So, pray a lot for us so that we can have a good trip. We have to leave tonight and stay in the bus and wait until tomorrow around 1:00 am.for the bus leaves.
The last news is bad here it is: the road to go to st-Helene is very very bad and difficult to run even by a good motobike like ours. So, in going to St-helene yesterday, Marcia and Rivenson had an accident. They had fallen down and Marcia hurts her leg and prevent her from working so well now. It is not broken but it hurts and make her a little bit suffer. For Rivenson, not too bad for him. But for Marcia, she has to do a radiography to see if there isn't something wrong to her leg.
Please don't too much worry about that she will be better in a few days. She is very happy to see her news babies in the club.

The roads must be very bad because St. Helene is one of the easiest roads we travel. It's not paved, but it's usually pretty smooth. It must be just large round rocks now. We sent out an email asking for prayer for Marcia; she's a pretty strong woman, and a lot of people depend on her, not the least of which is her husband and three children.

In other news, Mustard Seed Haiti now has a LynxAir mailbox so we can send things directly to them. We'll be sending Witchner a cell phone so that he can contact us once he arrives in the U.S. (Notice how we're assuming he will get his visa approved by the US Embassy. Prayers for a successful decision will be appreciated.)

Our fall newsletter, Moving Mountains, is ready to send out. We sent some out through email tonight and will send others out with regular postage.

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