Monday, November 05, 2007

Rain, rain, rain

It's been raining in Haiti for most of October, including from Tropical Storm Noel, and continues to do so. From what we're hearing, LesCayes is one of the worst impacted cities on the south coast . Kelly has posted some photos and adventures on her blog ( Unfortunately, the weather forecast looks like there is more rain in store for the next couple days as well. The roads are generally impassable except by wading. There is no news about what is happening up in the mountain villages. Most likely we'll have to wait until the rain lets up.

We've also heard that some students at AUC have staged a lock-out and sit-in at the university, not even the police were allowed in. There are conflicting stories about what is going on. We know that Witchner and Amoce are not involved. Witchner was unable to get in to perform the church service on Sunday and Amoce is studying by himself using the accounting book he just bought.

We'll continue to pray for Haiti; it always seems to be on the brink of something.

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