Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rivenson & Witchner going to Clean Water Summit

New excitement! We are sending Rivenson and Witchner to an international Rotary Club Clean Water Summit in PAP. It's an initiative to start a clean water sand filter partnering project in Haiti. Read about it here:

We saw a great presentation about exactly this same thing at the conference we went to in Honduras. We talked to the Rotarians there, and spent time looking online for a Haiti connection. We thought it would be ideal for Haiti.

I just read about this in a news article and followed up on it. I contacted the American in charge and he said, yes, our Haitian partners would be welcome. So Mustard Seed is sending them to the conference! It starts soon...December 14.

Amoce is beside himself with disappointment because he wants to go so badly and he'd be really good; he's such a schmoozer. However, he would have to cut his Accounting classes and it's near the end of the course (finals) so he can't afford to do that. I give him credit for being that serious about his course.

Maybe this is why God sent us to Honduras. (It sure wasn't to master Spanish!)

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