Wednesday, November 14, 2007

University is open

There have been student manifestations at AUC for more than a week; it sounded pretty serious. We hear that there has been damage and some things stolen from the university including sheets, mattresses, and cutlery from the guesthouse. Such a shame. (However, at Missions Prayer on Monday night, Deb prayed that each sheet would shower blessings on whoever sleeps under it...a nice way to hope that some good comes out of this.) Today we got an email from Judy Foster, chairman of the board, who indicated that classes were held today, with protection from the local militia and a UN vehicle. Still sounds a little tenuous, but we're praying things will settle down.

We are beginning to prepare for our trip down in February. We'll leave here on February 14th and the medical team will stay for a week. Paul and I will stay longer. We are talking about the possibility of partnering with a village so that we can work more closely with one village and get to know the people there. We would continue to go to other villages for medical clinics, but it would give us a chance to make more relationships. This is all still an idea-in-progress. MSH likes the idea, too.

Witchner has his appointment at the embassy in less than a month, on December 12th. We're praying it will go smoothly. If he gets his visa he will arrive here in the states after Christmas and come to spend a couple weeks at our house. A few people from church have already generously donated things for him to have - flannel sheets, a George Foreman grill, a winter coat. He'll arrive during the coldest part of the year; it will be a real shock to him, so we'll have to work extra hard to keep him warm.

Marie said the rain has stopped and the streets just have puddles on them now. This is good news. I read a news article that said there had been 50 days of rain prior to Tropical Storm Noel hitting Haiti.

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