Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 1 in the USA

Witchner has just spent 24 hours in the USA. He asked me to share the message below with everyone who reads the blog. (He wrote this to a close friend in Haiti, but it conveys his sense of amazement.)

How are doing guy? Everything is different over here I
wonder if we really live a live in Haiti. I went out
today for shopping I see everything amazing over here.
It is very important that every Haitian has this
experience men. Where I am now it snows and I wear
with lot of clothes that keep me warm.

Please my friend pray for me and I do the same for you
my men.

I already have my own laptop and almost everything
that i need for the school. the way i live now, I
wonder if I'm dreaming or if it is a reality.
If you want to see me and know about me just
check this blog.

Today's "living-in-the-USA":
  • Witchner got a lesson on how to feed a woodstove (carefully)
  • Super Big Y grocery store: "What vegetable (asparagus) /fruit (pomegranate) is this?"
  • WalMart - You can't find flip-flops in December even though you can find just about everything else.
  • Jan needs to refill the sugar bowl daily (Haitians like their coffee REALLY sweet.)
  • Haiti time is Haiti time even in the USA
  • Witchner WASN'T cold even in a t-shirt. That still leaves Jan out in the cold.
  • Compost (what you'd feed the pigs) versus trash. We save the compost and use it in the garden in the spring.
  • Maple syrup on french toast (yum, yum, can I have more?)
  • Witchner can wear Paul's dress shoes, so now he has a pair maroon and a pair of black wingtips.
  • We have lots of squirrels running around the yard (which he was very surprised to see) and we saw a set of large deer tracks next to the house. He doesn't know what a deer is, and I've forgotten to show him a picture.
  • Our kreyol dictionary is coming in useful (cozy = konfotab). It's good practice for all of us as we try to communicate more clearly.
We ended the night at Monday Night Missions Prayer (even though it's Friday night) at Dr. Don's house where we listened to Christian Abbott from Mexico and Duilao from Peru. Everyone was very gracious to Witchner and it gave him a good opportunity to hear what other young men his age are doing. Witchner will be talking to everyone at Missions Prayer on January 7th.

Tomorrow morning promises to be exciting as Witchner goes with Paul to the dump so he can see how Americans handle their garbage and trash. We may take a trip to the Salvation Army to look for another suit for Witchner also.

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mbigda2502 said...

welcome to the USA my friend. hope to see you soon. zach said to say hello! dr mark