Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 2 (Saturday) - Witchner in USA

Today began with a trip to the dump after breakfast. We thought it would be interesting for Witchner to see how municipal garbage is handled. Well, the joke's on us. He was amazed (maybe appalled) at the "junk" we throw away. He looked in the large debris container and noticed lumber, furniture, appliances, etc. He's right, in Haiti we would have seen every bit of that being put to some other use. Another wake up call about our assumptions.

Later we hit the Salvation Army where we got some very good deals on a wool suit and 3 sports jackets (one of which will do very well for spring). We explained to him how the Salvation Army concept of donated clothing was where "Kennedy" originated. [Kennedy is the Haitian term for re-sold used clothing donated by the US. Such charitable donations originated in the Kennedy era and undermined the couture industry in Haiti.] Nevertheless, we got really good deals on jackets and dress pants for him. We did hit JC Penney for one good pair of black dress slacks; he was aghast when he saw the $200 price tag on sports jackets in that store compared to $19 in Salvation Army.

After that we went to the reception for the Lights at College Church where he met many people who had read about his arrival. Everyone was very gracious and we were happy to point out more missionaries that he was meeting. In addition to the people there was more food, and we've started a running joke about his need to keep a 32" waist while he's here. (Just like all of us Americans, right?)

Tonight around the dinner table we began really catching up about what's going on in Haiti and the partnership between Mustard Seed Missions and Mustard Seed Haiti. We heard about the water conference and talked about ways to begin making connections and networking. We also talked more deeply about our potential of partnering with a small village outside of Cayes. MSH has been talking about it and Witchner brought us some good insights and information. We will take good advantage of his time here to really clarify our goals and hopes. It is already helping so much to be able to talk at length and really begin to mutually understand each other. He is the "bridge" between MSH and MSM now. He will be able to more accurately communicate our thoughts to MSH than we are able to do in an email. This is God's work.

Saturday living in the USA
  • Blueberry jam and peach jam on rye toast. Both unknown fruits and an unfamiliar kind of bread.
  • A trip to the dump with 3 weeks worth of trash -- and why we call it a "transfer station" now -- i.e., so it can be taken to a bigger dump. ;)
  • Ordering sandwich and a soda at Panera and being handed an empty soda cup with your sandwich. (Self-serve soda, but how would someone know that?)
  • At church he watched the youth band practicing for tomorrow's worship and was completely in tune with them. It's the kind of music he likes. He met some of the band members including Christ3n Dunn, whose mom (Lynn3) went to Haiti with us in June '07.
  • I showed Witchner the multi-linguistic prayer banners hanging around the sanctuary and he was really touched to see the one in kreyol. Later I was happy to be able to introduce him to Anne Hull3y.
  • New foods today: New England Clam Chowder, acorn squash, cranberry sauce, strawberries, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe (not in that order).
Well, he's still smiling, and his phone is still ringing with phone calls from Haiti. We tried to buy his bus ticket to Pennsylvania today, but can't do it online. The list of errands for Monday is getting longer.

Sunday will bring church (youth band, yea!), a brunch at our house, and another party out in Huntington. Keeping that 32" waist IS going to be difficult!

(Note: If you're wondering why some of the names above have the numeral "3" in them, it's to prevent an internet search engine from finding proper names. You can still read them but a search engine won't.)

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Sizi said...

Byenvini Witchner,
Jan ou Pol pral eksplike ou ki moun mwen ye. Jan te di-m ke ou okipe anpil! Lezetanzini tre diferan pase Ayiti, pa vre?

Mwen swete ou yon bel sejou isit. Yon jou mwen ta renmen renkontre ak ou. Si nou gen tan, rele-m pou pran yon kafe lakay mwen. Mwen konn fe kafe byen fo ak byen sikre!!

Que Dieu te benisse.
Susie (Sizi)