Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 3 (Sunday)

Today was another busy day starting with worship at College Church where Witchner appreciated the music played by the youth band; he couldn't keep from clapping along to the rhythm.

After church we had brunch with Ruth and John Burn3tt. It gave them a chance to catch up with what Witchner has been doing and we talked a lot about potential future projects with MSH including Marcia's interest in beginning a health center, and a Haitian doctor's potential offer for MSH to take over a clinic in Torbeck. Marcia is becoming well known in the area and many people travel to her door for help.

MSH is also becoming important in the work Nora is able to do with sending surgical cases to the U.S. Witchner has been asked to take several patients on the bus to PAP so they can fly to the U.S. A recent case was a 22 year old woman with a tumor in her jaw; Witchner phoned the young woman today in Michigan where she had the surgery. She has had the surgery and is healing well.

We heard more about baby Reginald, too, but I'll post that later in a separate posting.

After brunch we went to a graduation party in Huntington for a young woman (Amber) who just completed nursing school. There were about 40 people there and enough food to feed 100. We tried to assure Witchner that Americans don't usually go to as many parties as we've been to since he arrived, nor do we always eat that much. He surprised me by wandering outside and sitting in the snow around a campfire with the other guys from the Bouffard/Davis families. I was really happy he got to meet our extended family and circle of friends. [Especially since we'll be going to a New Year's Eve hanging-out-together night at Nate and Maegan's tomorrow night with more food.]

Last night Witchner played some music on Paul's piano and Paul began hauling out some of his other musical instruments. They had a great time playing music together and Witchner began to learn how to play the autoharp.

Sunday - Living in the USA

  • I bought a pomegranate and Witchner liked it. I had no answer to the question of 'where are they grown and how else are they used?'
  • Witchner said he is missing diri e pwa (rice and beans), so he and Paul went shopping for the ingredients. I'm excited to be learning how to make it. They came back with a bag full of mixed hot peppers. Witchner knows just what each pepper is and can tell a lot by the smell of them. (I'm in real trouble.)
  • Last night he asked me how our dishwasher worked. Tomorrow we may have laundry lessons since he doesn't know about washing machines either and he'll be in charge of doing his own laundry.
  • As we came out of church this morning he asked "Does everyone own a car?" mmmmmm....yup. At least one. He was very very surprised, and also surprised at how new they all were. We had a long discussion about how much easier it is to keep a car in good shape when the roads are in good shape. If you've ever been to Haiti you know what I'm talking about!
  • We're due for about 6-9" of snow tonight, so Witchner will learn how much fun it is to shovel snow tomorrow. He'll also probably get to go sledding.

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