Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amoce's trip

We had sad news last night. With Witchner here in the US, Amoce is now acting as the facilitator to work with Nora in getting sick children to the US for surgery. [Nora is an American missionary working at an orphanage in Haiti who has connections with a group of doctors in the midwest that will do surgery on Haitian children at no cost.]

Yesterday was Amoce's first trip, taking a sick child and her mother to PAP to get their ID papers. The child was a 4 year old little girl; I don't know much about her illness except that she had a very swollen stomach. On their way to PAP, at 3 a.m. on the bus, the little girl died in Amoce's arms with her mother sitting nearby. Amoce was quite upset, as anyone would be. The trip became more difficult because they had to return to LesCayes, but because the little girl was now dead they had a hard time getting back on a bus to return to Cayes.

I tried to call Amoce, but was unable to get through. This is so sad, all the way around. It had to be very difficult to be 4 hours away from home with a grieving mother and no other support in place. We're praying that God will give both Amoce and the mother His comfort.

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