Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One month to go

It seems like time has really snuck up on us; in less than one month we'll be flying to Haiti. Witchner is now enrolled and fully involved in his classes at Free Gospel Bible Institute. He'll have a lot of studying to do!

I had a nice long IM with Amoce last night. He and Rivenson went up to Platon to arrange the medical clinic for us there. We will land in Haiti on Valentine's day and take a bus to LesCayes. They have planned clinics for us in St. Elen, Camp Perrin, St. Louis (new), Lapret, and Platon (new). The Lapret/Platon clinics will require that we stay overnight in Lapret in order to be able to get up as far as Platon. As I understand it, it's a plateau on a mountain. The Lapret valley is just beautiful, so we're really excited to be going back there again.

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