Friday, February 22, 2008

Clinic Day 5 - Camp Perren (Kamperen)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 – Camp Perrin

This morning we headed out to see the woman with the gangrenous leg again. Today it looked better – less “rotten” per se, but it’s not really better and she definitely needs to get to a hospital. We left Marcia with more meds for her, primarly antibiotics to keep her from becoming septic.

Our next house call was Witchner’s grandmother, on the way to Camp Perren. She had fallen and it appears she cracked a rib. Mark gave her some pain meds, but the solution is simply waiting for it to heal. Sometimes it’s hard to get people to understand that meds won’t cure everything.

Today we had the regular MSH team, with Prycille, Prycille’s sister, and Wilna, Witchner’s sister. This is our third clinic trip to Camp Perrin and they were well set up for us, except for the intake area. This week the intake area has been the most problematic. There were many people waiting for us at Camp Perrin and the crowd became angry when Mark and I went through looking for the sickest people. We didn’t even get started until almost 11:00 – about two hours late for one of our typical clinics.

Our first patient was a very elderly lady who fainted at Dr. Don’s table. Marcia and Mark worked hard to get an IV in her in order to rehydrate her and get her BP stabilized. She lay on the floor in our clinic room for most of the morning. In the meantime, the intake area got pretty rowdy with people being loud and pushy.

Paul and Wilna set up the pharmacy area; Wilna is learning the ropes slowly and she was a good help to Paul. She may have found a niche. Paul said that having a lot of the meds precounted into baggies was very helpful so we’ll make sure to do that the next time also.

We saw 199 patients today; we worked until dusk. Mark finished the clinic by doing surgery on a young man’s foot. He had a large egg-shaped cyst on top of his foot with a free-floating hard white mass inside. The surgery went very smoothly and the guy took his cyst home in a bottle.

We rode down the mountain as night was falling; by the time we got to the “town” it was dark. The moon was full and it was a beautiful tropical night as we bumped along the rocky roads back to Okay. We are all a little bruised and feeling bounced around. It was a full week and God was with us each step of the way.

Once we were back at the house, Marcia surprised us all with Haiti hats - hats made from the Haitian flag.

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