Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Diaper project - 70 diapers!

The babies in Haiti will have cloth diapers!

A woman from church donated some flannel sheets which, combined with a request from Haiti for cloth diapers, turned into a class project in Fashion Des1gn at our Career and Techn1cal Education Center where I work. This afternoon the students gave me 70 cloth diapers made from those flannel sheets!!! They have absorbent middles made of old towels and they look so good! The teacher asked me if I would give a presentation about Haiti and show some photos when I get back. Will I ever!! Not only that, the students in the class asked me what else they could do to help. When I come back from Haiti, I'll be sure to involve them in some project that can support the prenatal clinics. To clinch this exciting event, I was asked how we were going to "attach" the diapers....LOL. None of these kids had ever heard of diaper pins! (I stopped at Walmart and bought all they had this afternoon.) God is so awesome!

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