Friday, February 01, 2008

Prepping for Haiti

We're in full prep mode now as we get ready for our trip. Mark has ordered the meds from MAP, but it looks like we're a little short so he'll have to order more. We don't always know what we'll get in the Travel Packs. From now on we'll just be ordering custom orders.

Amoce is busy making all of the final arrangements in LesCayes and Marie is busy making our housing and transportation arrangements. There are lots of emails flying back and forth. We won't be staying at the AUC guesthouse because it's not functioning following the student manifestations. A lot of the items at the guesthouse got stolen, including some furniture, sheets, towels, etc.

Aside from meds we've packed baby clothes and some items for Marcia's prenatal clinics. We will have 10 allotted duffle bags for the airlines, but I think we'll end up paying for extra baggage in order to bring everything down. We'll be staying one night on the floor in a church in the mountains, so we need to bring sleeping mats, etc. for that. We never had to pack 'camping gear' before, so this is new baggage.

We'll start our clinics up in the mountains at two villages called Lapret and then go on to Platon. They lie in a relatively lush beautiful valley with a small turquoise flowing river. The bedrock is limestone which accounts for the color of the water. It's quite pretty and is clearly the kind of scenery that we see in many of the Haitian paintings. It may be one of the prettiest places I've seen in Haiti. We've been told that the water in the river is probably pretty clean; people do swim in it. The houses are colorful and thatched. The poverty is still real, however.

Other new things are adding to our busy-ness as well. We may be on the threshold of beginning a water project with the Rotary Club. I'll post information about that in a separate post.

God has given us another opportunity as well. I just finished reading Seven Days in Hait1 by M1chael Barr1ck. After I finished reading it, I knew I wanted to be able to share it with our supporters so I contacted him by email regarding buying 20 books at a reduced price. He phoned me within an hour of receiving my email and made a very generous offer. We now have 50 of his books to share. He writes a clear account of a first-timer's reaction to Haiti. He's a Christian journalist and recognizes the spiritual warfare that seems to grip Haiti much of the time. I'm very much looking forward to sharing his book. We'll be having a fund-raiser at church on Sunday to help us with the expense of buying the meds and I know his book will be a blessing for that event.

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