Monday, February 11, 2008


It's a frigid day here in western Massachusetts. The wind is howling and it's below zero with the wind chill. It will be sooo good to be in Haiti where it's warm. Just 3 more days.

Tonight we had to go back to Mark's house and repack everything into smaller duffle bags. We managed to do it with a total of 14 bags; it looks like we may have to pay for two of them as extras.

Susi3 Z3iger is going to Haiti as a translator for Luc1 Garbus. It turns out they are going on the same plane we are so they will get a ride down to JFK with us. Sizi is letting us use her two bag allowance so that will help a whole lot! What a great way to help each other!

Amoce continues to refine the plans, especially for Lapret. He's taking very good care of us. Today Marie emailed that she moved our meds out and everything is safe.

It's looking like the pieces are falling into place. What's even more surprising is the interest in our trip for October. It looks like we'll have a larger team. The timing is good because it will allow us to find adequate housing while we're down there this time.

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