Friday, February 22, 2008

Travelling to Haiti

I'm posting this late into the trip and am not able to load photos at this point. I'll load photos later, once we're back in the US.

February 14, 2008 – Getting to LesCayes

Today was a tiring trip with many transportation challenges. When we got to JFK there was no plane at the gate; we waited an hour until our lift-off time before they announced that they were waiting for a plane. In the meantime, Greyson and Dr. Mark got upgraded to First Class – Dr. Don was already in first class because he had used his airmiles. It turned out they had 7 planes out of service and with the bad weather they had cancelled the flight to Haiti yesterday. So today there were more people than ever trying to get on our plane. The plane was completely full. They pulled the plane from the Cancun run and rerouted it to Haiti. We took off about 3 hours late from JFK, which meant our arrival time was 4 pm…too close to dark to be comfortable.

When we arrived in PAP we got through customs pretty easily; Mark knows the routine. Pr. Nader was waiting for us with his ‘white bus’ which turned out to be a new Landrover and there was no way all of our luggage was going to fit into his car. This took another half hour of negotiating before we got another SUV to carry half of the luggage and Mark. The trip to Okay ended up costing us $750 US ----VERY expensive!

Pr. Nader drove very fast and kept phoning back to the other car, saying “Pwesse, pwesse”…i.e., go faster. The trip, which took us 5 hours in Maxime’s van in June, only took 2 hours and 50 minutes with Nader and lots of horn-blowing down the road in the dark. It was a little hair-raising to say the least!

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