Saturday, March 22, 2008

Madame Antoine and Madame Lalane

The latest news on Madame Antoine with the gangrenous leg is that she is scheduled to have surgery on March 28. Marcia, the Haitian nurse, is continuing to go and see her regularly and reports that she is doing a little better. Earlier she refused surgery because she was afraid; in addition the American surgeon who returns at the end of March will be better equipped to do surgery on her when he returns.

Adrienne Lalane is the 28 year old young woman with what we think is Burkett's Lymphoma. MSH was able to take her to the hospital on March 11th and they report that the tumor is "very bad". She is scheduled to go to Port Au Prince at the end of this month for more diagnosis. Please keep praying for her; she was very anxious and this could be a very aggressive cancer.

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