Saturday, April 05, 2008

10 a.m. from Amoce

I just phoned Amoce. He was on his way home; last night he had to stay at his cousin's house because he couldn't get home. His own house is down the side road from where the UN soldier was killed. He said that things this morning are calm and people are out going to the marketplace, but he's unsure how long things will stay this calm. He said there were announcements that the manifestations would last until April 14, but he said that was unconfirmed. Some of the UN have pulled out to go to PAP, others are going to Port Salut, but some are also staying in LesCayes. He confirmed that drug smugglers were involved and he said that instigators from PAP were also involved, but they have been arrested and jailed by the police now.

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