Saturday, April 05, 2008

Manifestations in Les Cayes

On Thursday afternoon I caught Amoce on IM and he told me there were manifestations in the streets. People are protesting the high price of food. It's true; when we were there 6 weeks ago a bag of rice cost (Haitian dollars) $150. Last Saturday it was $185, and on Thursday the price jumped to $220. This will be hitting people very hard. When Americans think of rice, they think of a half-cup serving. However, in Haiti it's typical to completely fill your plate, mounding it up with rice and beans and often nothing else, so rice is very important to their diet.

There are many news articles on line to read more about it. The article I read indicated there were about 5,000 people involved and that they tried to break into the UN compound. Three people have reportedly been killed.

We're worried for everyone there and praying that the riots will calm down.

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