Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday noon (April 14)

I just phoned Amoce - he said everything is calm, even throughout Haiti! He was out walking along the main street and is feeling safe.

The big problem today is that there are no drivers; gas is too expensive and when it can be bought it's only in half-jugs. So there is a problem because people can't get to work on tap-taps.(A jug is an old gallon oil bottle; people fill up the bottles and sell them on the side of the road. Right now, it's only a half gallon at a time.)

For MSH, that means that Marcia can't go to Camp Perren today for the prenatal clinics; last month she was unable to go because it rained too hard.

Rivenson and Witchner are going to see if they can find a driver and get Madame Antoine (gangrene) to Bonne Fin anyway. He said it will cost top dollar and I'm sure he's right. Madame Antoine needs that surgery. Despite the unrest, they've been continuing to go and treat her at her house. As Amoce said to me, "It's our job."

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