Monday, April 07, 2008

More trouble

I've just talked to Marie. The troubles there are not over. The demonstrations are continuing; there are tires burning outside the gates of the university now. Marie hasn't seen any military, but there is a UN security force from Port Au Prince riding around in open trucks with guns.

Lynn is holding a prayer service every morning at the university (AUC) from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. He is able to walk through a brook and through a farm field to get to AUC without going on the road. He goes straight there and straight home again.

This is news from another source:
There is a new phrase becoming popular in Haiti, and that is "asid
bateri" (battery acid) which people are using to explain that their
hunger is now even worse than it was before. Two weeks ago everyone
was "klowox" - in other words, hunger had them feeling like they had
nothing but bleach in their stomachs. Now they say it's worse than
"klowox, se asid bateri". This morning there were barricades set up
from Carrefour Dufort all the way to Port-au-Prince, in anticipation
of hunger protests scheduled for today there and in Petit Goave.
Supposedly protests will take place in Jacmel tomorrow.

And yet more from another source:
A man who comes from the region of Les Cayes where the first demonstration
took place said that it was organised by a criminal element. Coz as he
says the people of the region of Cayes are very peaceful and usually
don't demonstrate. I commented about the food distribution which I had
heard the PM saying they were distributing and he said, yes but it
wasn't going to the right people. It had gone to the people with means
and not the poor people who desperately needed it. He said these
people with means had no compassion for their poorer brothers and
sisters. So there is a lot of work to do.

Here's a tidbit that adds some brightness to this whole mess:
Marie's 2 year old son, Matthew, a Haitian baby they adopted 2 years ago, is going around the house singing "God is bigger than the boogieman." He's even singing bits of it in his sleep at night. [It's a Veggie Tales song.] How fitting!

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