Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Perspective from Port Au Prince

Here is one Canadian resident's perspective as written from Port Au Prince in an email to several of us.

It's just frustrating
that even the reporters are saying three important things:

1) that there is an element who are just out to fè dezod - smashing
and burning and throwing rocks. The genuine protesters are just doing
their protests, but there is a bad element amonst the whole thing.

2) That the police and Minustah are seriously missing - when the
Palace was being attacked yesterday morning, I came in after
everything had started and I was listening to it for 30 mins. and
there was not one Policeman nor Minustah in sight until as I said
after 30 mins of me listening. (Even tho the report says that Minustah
were on the scene moments later!! ha!! The reporters said it was
almost like
they had been given the order NOT to interfere. When I talked to one
of my Minustah friends who rang to check up on me I asked him about
this and he said it was the govt's orders. But I can't understand
that!! Why would Preval want to create disorder? It doesn't make
sense. Mind you also another friend who knows these two well, said
that the strong Aristide supporters, Pere Jean Juste and So'Ann were
leading demonstrations in Cite Soleil!!! That sounds like maybe
Aristide is behind it!!

3) Why hasn't Preval or the PM given a calming speech - I DO NOT
UNDERSTAND that at all!!

They're still breaking stuff and throwing rocks and burning tyres today
but at least the police are coming in and controlling the situation -

Richard Morse of the Oloffson points the fingers at the middle
class/business owners cos they're mad at the hike in prices for the
Customs etc. and are trying to bring the govt down!"

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