Sunday, May 04, 2008

Madame Antoine - good news

It appears as though the situation in LesCayes has calmed down for now. There was supposed to be another manifestation last Monday, but the police interfered. According to the news reports it was a diversion tactic by drug smugglers.

The news about Madame Antoine, with the gangrenous leg, appears to be good as well. She is in Bonne Fin hospital. The doctors decided that her leg looked like it might be able to be saved. So she is staying at the hospital for care. Amoce reports that the leg looks better. He and Rivenson will go out to see her this week.

The woman from Charete was diagnosed with a neck (lump/tumor?) that is the result of a re-occurrence of TB. This is relatively good news since the diagnosis of Burkett's Lymphoma would likely have been a death sentence. She is now on 8 months of meds for TB. Mustard Seed Missions is providing the funds for her meds.

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