Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Madame Antoine healing at Bonne Fin

If you were in church in March when Paul and I were missionaries of the month, you'll remember seeing photos of the woman with gangrene -- the woman we were sure would need her leg amputated.

I just "instant messaged" with Amoce, one of the members of Mustard Seed Haiti. He just visited her in the hospital and she is much better; it looks like her leg is healing and she will not lose it. This is God's work indeed! She is still in the hospital, but the word is that she's MUCH better!

This is all the more remarkable for several reasons, not the least of which is that she only had the medical care of Marcia, the Haitian nurse we work with, for two months. You'll remember there were riots in Haiti because of the cost of food in April. During that whole time Marcia continued to manage to get to Madame Antoine's house to change her dressings. Marcia attended her for TWO MONTHS after we left!

Madame Antoine is now at Bonne Fin hospital with her blind husband and her sister-in-law. In Haiti, it's necessary for the family to attend to the patient, including cooking meals. Mustard Seed is providing the funds for both medical care, "room rent" (required) for the caretaker, and for the food for the three of them. Currently they are living on 250 gourdes a day for food (about $6.00); we have agreed to increase the amount for food since it has gotten so much more expensive.

Marcia's husband, Rivenson, is a pastor and has been talking to Madame Antoine about God. She told him that she believes she would not be alive now without God.

When I think of all the things that led up to this, I'm humbled:
  • Dr. Mark being available in Les Cayes and being certain that making a house call was necessary despite our schedule
  • Amoce having a friend who knew about her serious medical problem
  • Marcia being available to treat her for such a long period of time
  • Safety for Marcia during the time of the riots
  • Rivenson and Amoce being able to navigate the medical puzzle that is Haiti (first Cite Lumiere and then Bonne Fin)
  • Caring people who give, trusting that their funds will be used to the best purpose
God is certainly visible in all of this!

Thank you all for caring and supporting Mustard Seed. We could not do this without your support!

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