Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marcia & Rivenson motorcycle accident

Amoce just phoned to tell us that Marcia and Rivenson were in a motorcycle accident. They were on their way to Camp Perrin for a prenatal clinic when a boy on a bicycle cut in front of them. The phone connection was not great so I don't have all of the details. Marcia was hurt worse than Rivenson, and it seems she broke her finger and maybe hurt her leg. Rivenson hurt his hand. They're going to the hospital tomorrow. They were unable to continue up to Camp Perrin, so no prenatal clinic this month.

[The prenatal clinics are set at pre-arranged times so that all of the women know when to come. Some of them come a long ways walking to the clinic.]

Madame Antoine's husband is also having problems. It sounds like prostate problems. Amoce will email me more correct information when he's able to get to an internet cafe; right now there is no electricity in Cayes.

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