Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rivière La Ravine Flooded

After clinic at AUC yesterday we drove to the crossroads in town and out to the bridge a few hundred feet west. In June this river was mildly flooded but yesterday it was up to the tops of the reinforced banks and very wide and fast. We were a little worried to even be driving over that bridge.

Again last night we had heavy steady rain; I read that we've had over 10" of rain so far. This morning it wasn't raining tho and we saw a peep of sun behind the clouds, but it's an hour later now and the rain is back to being very heavy. We can't imagine how the people in the tent cities are surviving this! It's just plain horrible. We're all sleeping with fleece blankets on, mostly because all of our bedding is damp and chilly.

The team has decided to go home one day early, leaving on Thursday. We're all afraid that their Tortug flight won't take off on Friday, so an alternate plan needs to be made. They phoned American Airlines and got the last 5 seats on the direct flight back to JFK.

Amoce has worked like crazy to get clinics set up and rescheduled but it's becoming more and more difficult in this weather.

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