Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Today's Problem will be Different Than Tomorrow's

We're a few hours from departure, but as is often the case, a few little problems have crept up.  The propane stove at the house gave up the ghost; it has simply rusted and rotted away to where it's not safe to turn it on.  Solution:  Amoce went out to buy a new one today -- much easier said than done in Haiti!

The Haitian doctor who had been scheduled to work with us is not available.  Solution:  Amoce will find another one.

The blue bus is not available.  This is our standard transportation to all of our clinics.  We like the blue bus because it rides high enough to travel through the riverbed, unless it's really flooded, that is!  Solution:  Amoce called the bus owner and made 'an arrangement'.  It's better not to ask.

We're grateful for all that Amoce is able to manage!  He's a really crucial part of Mustard Seed's work.  God has blessed us to have a good Haitian partner like him.

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