Friday, October 19, 2012

First Day - Torbeck

Today was our break-in day...the day where we do a short day and figure out how the team works together as well as what we forgot to pack along. We didn't do too bad. Forgot one mat that we lay people on if we do IVs but other than that we were ready!

We worked in Torbeck at a Catholic church. Father Gerard was the pastor. He was a good manager; I think we'll probably go back there again. He asked us to return and thanked us very graciously.

We saw over 90 patients ant broke in Sharin and Ken. One of the people we saw was this 27 year old woman with a goiter. We referred her to Brenda Stafford where she'll have surgery for it. There was also a 32 year old woman who was septic with pneumonia. Mark gave her IVs and some strong antibiotics. She walked out about 4 hours later but she's still quite sick. Our translators were Obed and Chatelyn Calixte. It was Chatelyn's first time translating. He worked really well with Jean. Sharon and Greyson made a good team with Obed.

Paul and Ken manned the pharmacy. Ken's background in pharmacy came in really useful as we needed to think about equivalent meds.

A good first day!

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