Monday, October 22, 2012

Flexibility...a "Must"

With the approaching tropical weather system (now TS Sandy) we had to make some quick decisions last night. Pastor Saurel from Platon phoned and said it was heavy rain and we should not come. This morning Robert said the river was already high, so it seems like a good decision.

Instead of Platon, we went back to the Catholic church in Torbeck. When we arrived there was a 4 year old boy laying on the floor. Mark attended to him and diagnosed him with Tay-Sachs a congenital developmental disorder. The little boy is blind, mentally disabled and not able to walk or sit. At this point in his life he can't even crawl. Mark spoke to the young parents to tell them there was nothing we could do, but that they were doing a good job caring for him. They had been to several hospitals and doctors looking for help.

We set up two doctor stations today and one eyeglass station. Jan worked the glasses station and was busy from the moment we started clinic. 47 people got eyeglasses. Some of the teenage kids just wanted them so they could be cool, but the older people really seemed to be able to benefit.

We has a heavy very windy rain squall during the afternoon. It's quiet tonight, but no stars are visible.

We aren't sure yet about tomorrow's plans. Amoce is out working on that now. The weather can really cause problems!!

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