Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scabies, Pneumonia, Baby Powder,Decubitus Ulcer

The picture posted here is a young toddler with infected sores from scratching at the scabies on his body. We see a fair amount of this in young children. Scabies is a mite, similar to lice and hard to get rid of, especially when people go back and sleep in the same bedding and have no hot water to wash things in.

We saw a second case of very bad pneumonia in a middle-aged woman. It took some strong antibiotics and epinephrin to get her able to walk out of the clinic with help.

Yesterday we had a case of a kid eating soap, today it was an 11 year old girl eating baby powder. We had to google 'baby powder' to figure out what minerals were in it (aluminum, magnesium, and iron) so that we could counsel the mom and try to give the girl some replacement minerals.

Late in the afternoon a truck drove up with a wheelchair in the back. A 37 year old hemiplegic man was in the truck with decubitus ulcers in both of his buttocks from sitting in the chair, but not having any ability to feel pain. Mark said one of the ulcers had eaten away all the way through to his hip bone Mark gave him some antibiotics, dressed the wounds as well as he could and then we sent him to the local hospital. The man had been run over by a truck and left paraplegic (some time ago). His prognosis is not good.

It was a long day in Torbeck. We saw 145 people. Tomorrow is a day of rest.

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