Saturday, January 12, 2013


Goudougoudou is the commonly used name for the earthquake. It happened 3 years ago on this date. One author likens it to naming hurricanes. Another says it's from the noise the earthquake made. Another says the people may be ascribing it to a voodoo god and this is its new name.

We landed in port au prince today and it was very quiet around the city. Amoce said it was because most people were at church or at commemoration ceremonies. The drive through the city was very easy.

Some things have changed. The airport terminal has been rebuilt and we are no longer bussed to an old hanger building to go through Customs. The renovated building opened in November and is beautiful, air conditioned and clean. Service as great.

Other things haven't changed. There are still people living in low dusty tent cities. Except when it rains and then they are living in mud. Some of the funds from NGOs or foreign governments have dried up or been discontinued.

We saw large missionary teams on the plane again can tell by their matching t-shirts. Less apparent were contractors, NGOs and journalists. 

Life has returned to a new normal in Haiti.

Our 'normal' was having Robert and Amoce pick us up in Robert's blue bus. That kind of normal feels good. As I write this we're having brake problems as we go down a mountain on the way to Cayes.  Unfortunately that's kind of normal too. Life in Haiti is always a different kindof normal than we are used to.

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DK said...

Always an interesting mix when modernity shows up in sporadic ways/places! Glad you're back on the ground among friends.