Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kita Nago

Last night we had the unique  privilege of seeing Kita Nago outside of Petit Goave. It was just by chance that we saw this parade coming toward us and were able to see it and videotape it.
Kita nago is a saying that mothers say to their children. It's meant to express how difficult it is to do something ; basically means you can't go from here to there - you can't go from this end of Haiti to the other end of Haiti. 
It's something that's not easy or is impossible so the concept behind this Kita Nago initiative is that people of Haiti can work together and do something that is considered impossible. We saw the parade coming toward us and saw and heard all the really great music. The parade left from the south west corner of Haiti at Les Irois and is going up to the northeast corner of Haiti at Ounaminthe over 430 miles.  There is a cedar pole that weighs 1200 pounds being carried by hand with people marching ahead of it and behind it all the way up to Ouanaminthe.  Once it gets there the cedar pole would become the center of a new park symbolizing Haitian
You can see the video on our Facebook page.

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