Tuesday, January 01, 2013

MSM Scholarship Winners for Spring 2013

At Mustard Seed Missions we were pleased to receive more applications than ever before.  It is our practice to award four $100 scholarships each semester.  For the Spring 2013 semester two applicants had a tied score*, so we are awarding five $100 scholarships.  In addition, there were many other students who received good scores; therefore, we decided to award $50 and $25 scholarships to individuals who achieved above a certain score.


The individuals are listed in alphabetical order:
$100 Scholarship
·         Desruisseaux Bedel   (Civil Engineering)
·         Larochelle Anne Tamara  (Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)
·         Pierre Louis Randy Carlie  (Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)
·         Simelus Dieubon  (Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)
·         Tanis Pierre Venel  (Civil Engineering)
$50 Scholarship
·         Dumo Westbertin  (Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)
·         Forzene Pierre Jonathan  (Civil Engineering)
·         Guerrier Peterson  (Civil Engineering)
·         Maisonneuve Yves Michel  (Civil Engineering)
·         Pierre Marc Henry  (Civil Engineering)
$25 Scholarship
·         Beauzile Sancha  (Agriculture and Environmental Sciences)
·         Jean Claude Wisly  (Civil Engineering)
·         Paurus Michel  (Civil Engineering)
·         St Martin Yves Bernard  (Civil Engineering)

The scholarship funds will be deposited into each student's tuition account to be used for Spring 2013 tuition costs.

*Applications are scored based on the Instructor's Evaluation, Community Involvement, Christian Ethics, and the Ability to Communicate Clearly in English.  Each area receives a numeric score and is judged by two members of the Board of Directors of Mustard Seed Missions.

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