Friday, February 22, 2013

Smooth Clinic at Torbeck

The team was awake by 6 am, made coffee and began unpacking. By 9 am we had finished sorting, packed for the day and were on the road before 10:00.

Set up went smoothly and the new plywood PVC tables worked great. We can break them down, put them in the bus and we're ready for clinic!

The team jelled quickly and we had a good routine going within the hour. We were expecting to see 80 people but saw 99. Some faces were familiar. Father (Pere) Gerard is really good at preparing for us. The Catholic Church we worked in is open and airy.

We saw the typical kind of problems: scabies in children, high blood pressure, head aches, joint pain, hernias. Other more unusual cases were a 17 year old with sickle cell anemia, a 6 year old with rickets, and another 6 year old who was vomiting worms. Her older sister brought her in because she was always sickly... Of course, the worms are stealing all the nutrition!

Obed, Marc Samy Saint Eugene, and Jasmin were translators along with Amoce. We have a great team.

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